I will always say that creativity in branding is what will keep many of the brands we see alive. True creativity that evolves can outlast poor decision making in distribution, product design, and sadly even low product quality.

In the apparel industry, many of us all know that the T-Shirt sales alone are what can build and sustain a brand for many generations. Thus,  decent creative director can revive dead brands and pro-long struggling brands.

The advent of smartphones with great cameras, and social feeds from friends, stores, celebrities, and brands now consume our lives just as much as the TV.  With this stark change in visual stimulus, the term “Creative” has morphed into also use of “Content” just as much as strong graphics or merchandise story telling.

The New York Times published a great article about this drastic change in our world where brands are now seeking “Content Curators” to lead as “Creative Directors”


CONTENT is currently and will continue to be KING.