The ever popular INDIA PALE ALE or “IPA” for all of us folks that are now craft beer lovers has quickly become a staple from weekly grocery list  to drinks with co-workers or friends.

The West Coast of the USA has been utterly spoiled with the host of breweries offering Session IPAs, IPAs, and Double IPAs….and now fruit infused IPAs.  Yet most of us IPA lovers will whole heartedly admit we are out seeking that bar serving Russian River’s Pliny the Elder, or for the very lucky few that once a year tapping of Pliny the Younger.

Then somewhere from the Northeast of the USA came a beer that carved a new niche into the world of IPAs. Call it “Cloudy” or “Hazy” or even “Juicy” the beer known as Heady Topper from The Alchemist in Vermont started a movement that people 500 deep line up for on limited can releases of similar brews here in California.

Good Beer Hunting continues to do an amazing job of story telling on their website and on their podcast.  Michael Kiser had a sit down with the man behind The Alchemist, its famed beer Heady Topper, and the other line of beers that are highly sought after in this ever changing world of Craft Beer. Checkout this great interview with John Kimmich from The Alchemist at the link below: