ESPN, now 38 years strong since it first launched in 1979 is continuing to re-evaluate its content offering.  Of course they will always have the best live sports, and the ever enjoyable 30for30 Documentaries.  There is one show that has remained since its first day of production and remains today the “staple” of the network, SPORTSCENTER.

This show, which many check in the early AM before hitting the office or in the evening after a days work continues to be a regular for sports aficionados alike.  What the staff at ESPN began to question, “How can we re-invent our most watched show to attract a younger audience?”

In the Fall of 2015 ESPN rolled out their new LATE NIGHT format, spearheaded by Scott Van Pelt’s witty commentary. What resulted was a continued evolution of how ESPN delivers sports news to its audience.  Advertising Age just did a great piece on how this evolution started and continues at ESPN.